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El Moro Elfin Forest News

September 2022

A Small Fire Has Burned Decking at Rose's Grove

On Saturday, August 13, a small fire was discovered at Rose's Grove in the Elfin Forest. Found smoldering on the ground alongside the deck, the fire singed the decking and railing but did no further damage. A half-burned sweater covered part of the fire, suggesting someone had used it to smother the flames. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. The forest is especially dry at this time of year. Visitors need to be extra cautious about smoking, which is not allowed in the forest, or other activities that may start a fire. (08/15/2022)

2022 Annual Celebration to Be Virtual

Due to concerns about Covid-19, FEMEF's 2022 Annual Celebration will be held this year via the video conferencing platform Zoom. The event is an opportunity for FEMEF members to hear our invited speaker, Allyson Brooks, Community Engagement Program Manager for the Sierra Foothill Conservancy, as well as board member reports on the state of the Elfin Forest. Members who attend the meeting can also vote to elect individuals to serve on the FEMEF board for one- or two-year terms beginning January 1, 2023. Further information about the Annual Celebration, including when and how to access the event on Zoom, will appear soon on the El Moro Elfin Forest website (elfin-forest.org) and in next month's Autumn issue of Oakleaves. (08/09/2022)

Upcoming Board Member Elections

Members of FEMEF's governing board are elected by the FEMEF membership during the Annual Celebration. They may also be appointed at a different time by the board for an interim term until the next election. The five current members of the board whose terms will expire at the end of this year have all agreed to stand for re-election during this year's Annual Celebration. Other individuals who wish to serve on the FEMEF board may submit their names prior to the Annual Celebration (November 12) or add their name to a write-in ballot. Currently serving board members who are up for reelection are Dave Bowlus, Robert Dees, Roger Camody, Jeff Reifel, and student member Allison Fash. Current board member John Perrine and long-standing board member Yolanda Waddell will retire from the FEMEF Board at the end of this year. (08/09/2022)

Allyson Brooks of Sierra Foothill Conservancy to Speak at FEMEF Annual Celebration

Our speaker for FEMEF's upcoming 2022 Annual Celebration (November 12, via Zoom) will be Allyson Brooks, Community Engagement Manager for Sierra Foothill Conservancy (SFC). A major non-profit land trust, SFC currently oversees 50,540 acres of protected sites including historic rangelands, mountains, forests, streams, and native flora and wildlife of the Western Sierra Nevada range. With a a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Ecology Option and a Master’s degree in biology and education from California State University, Brooks has been the Community Engagement Manager for SFC for over four years. Her presentation will include an overview of SFC, an introduction to some of the native flora and fauna the organization helps to protect and their historical uses, and the challenges land-preservation organizations face today. Be sure not to miss joining her during the Annual Celebration on November 12. (08/09/2022)

FEMEF Needs Booth Workers for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest will be held in Los Osos on Sunday, October 30, on Second Street in downtown Baywood Park. FEMEF will have a booth at the event, where we will talk with visitors about the Elfin Forest, distribute literature, and sell T-shirts, sweatshirts, Elfin Forest coffee mugs and caps, and notecards. We need volunteers to staff our table at this event. If you can work a two- hour shift between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on this day, please call FEMEF's message phone at 1- 805-528-0392. Give your name, shift preference, and phone number. Join us in being part of the fun at Oktoberfest! (08/09/2022)

Halk vs Eagle

Jessica Griffiths led the “Birding By Ear” 3rd Saturday Walk for August. Reservations were required with a planned limit of 20. Nineteen walkers signed up and participated. The walk got off to an 8:30 a.m. start since birds are early risers. The high point of the successful walk was spotting a bald eagle perched on a log out on the tidal mud flats. A female harrier took exception to the presence of the eagle in “her” estuary and repeatedly swooped down and bombed the unfortunate raptor. The eagle kept trying to jump off the perch and get enough momentum to get air born, however the harrier refused to allow it an easy escape. This went on, and on, quite a show! Jessica identified several birds by their song. Most of the birds observed, including the Bald Eagle, were seen but not heard. (09/13/2022)