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Navigation Buttons Explained

On many pages in this web site you will find navigation buttons just below the top banner that will take you to a variety of topics. If a button looks "pushed", as "Home" does above, it means you are already in that section. Pushing it again takes you to the top page in the section. Try it when you are finished looking over the information below.

Home Takes you to the beginning page of this web site.

Visiting the Forest and how to get there Takes you to pages that show the location of the Elfin Forest, directions and a map of how to get there, also, where to find parking. You will also find information on what is currently blooming in the Forest, what animals have recently been sighted, upcoming guided walks, and forecasted weather.

What's in the Forest and how it got there This section has general information on both the natural and cultural history, and the ecology of the Forest. Also there is a section on how the Forest was "saved" and a bit about SWAP.

Conservation in the Forest This section is for the "Weed Warriors" of the Elfin Forest -- the volunteers who are working to keep the Forest a natural preserve by fighting erosion and invasive species. It is a collection of "how to" information on managing natural areas and propagating native plants.

Flora and Fauna of the Forest Contains our collection of species databases, plus some photos and articles about the flora and fauna of the Forest and the local region.

Library of Forest Info The Library contains a complete collection of "Oakleaves" (SWAP's newsletter) dating back to 1987 with interactive indexes by subject and date. Coming is our collection of documents and information germane to the Elfin Forest. Some of the information in this section can also be accessed from other sections -- primarily "Conservation" and "Flora and Fauna". The Library information will be organized like what you'd find in a "bricks and mortar" library with "rooms"for specific collections.

Forest Store The Forest Store shows you what is available for purchase: T-shirts, sweaters, note and postcards, publications, calendars, and art work. Of course, all profit goes directly to the care of the Elfin Forest.