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FEMEF - Resources Library


Over the approximately 30 years that the Los Osos/Morro Bay Chapter of SWAP (now FEMEF) has been in existence we have collected a considerable quantity of information about the flora and fauna, ecology, geology, etc. of the Elfin Forest. In doing so we also collected information about other similar locations on the Central Coast. The Resource Library is our way of sharing this information.

Below is an interactive list of the items we have converted to electronic format plus some links to similar items on other Internet sites:

    Oakleaves Morgue - Oakleaves is news letter of SWAP, 90% of which is dedicated to news about the El Moro Elfin Forest Natural Area. The first editions were where published in 1986 (irregularly during most of the fund raising and establishment period, then bi-monthly since mid-1997).

    To go to indexes of Oakleaves, starting with 1986, by date of publication, or subject matter click on this button.

    To read the current edition of "Oakleaves" click on this button.

    Map Room - Maps and Aerial photos of the Elfin Forest and Los Osos/Morro Bay area going back as 19th century (maps) and 1937 (aerial photos).

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    SWAP/Elfin Forest File Drawer Collection documents having to do with founding of SWAP; plus documents and studies about the designation and requirements for preserving the Forest and its biological components.

    Go to SWAP/Elfin Forest documents and supporting studies.