Elfin Forest and Bay
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Non-native Birds in the Elfin Forest

Species Habitat    Peak Period

Pigeons and Doves

Rock Dove ● t All year
Eurasian Collared-Dove ●    t All year


European Starling ●● coz All year

Old World Sparrows

House Sparrow ● oz All year

Click this button for MBNEP / Califonia State Park's guide to "Common Birds of the Estero Bay Area". Lots of info plus color photos.File size: 1.0 MB.


  Habitat (where to look for the species):
   c = maritime chaparral
   o = coast live oak woodland
   t = transit – occasionaly feed on periphery of the Forest.
   z = oak/manzanita complex
    ●= non-native species
●● = non-native species which is or has the potential to negatively impact the natives species of the Elfin Forest.