Elfin Forest Snail Medley
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Non-native Arthropods of the Elfin Forest

Order Dermaptera

Pincers weak & mostly harmless

European Earwig ● 0.75", females care for young
Ring-legged Earwig ● 0.75", also from Europe

Order Hymenoptera

Argentine Ant ●● Small, common household pest. Could cause the extripation of the
Coast horned lizard by eliminating its food source - native ants.

Order Diptera - Butterflies

Anise Swallowtail All these came with their host plants
Cabbage White and may depart if the plants are removed
Umber Skipper from the local environment.
To see the Butterflies Table for more information click here
  ● = non-native species
●● = invasive non-native species which is or has the potential to negatively impact the native species of the Elfin Forest.