Evan's Grove
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Contacting us

Have a question, comment, or suggestion about the Elfin Forest or SWAP? Send us an e-mail at:

Have a question, comment, or suggestion about this website? Send an e-mail to the webmaster at:

or you can leave us a message on our phone - (805) 528-0392. It will get the appropriate person, usually within a few hours.

Have you observed any unusual birds in the Elfin Forest? Mammals? Reptiles? Amphibians? Insects? Interesting activities or footprints of wildlife? Unusual plants? Please report any interesting sightings in the Elfin Forest to: sightings@elfin-forest.org for inclusion in this web site and/or a future issue of Oakleaves. You can also leave a message on FEMEF’s answering machine, 528-0392. If you took a picture of your unusual sighting attach it to your e-mail. Be sure and include your name so we can give you proper credit.

If you witness vandalism or obvious crimes in progress, call the County Sheriff Dispatch at (805) 781-4550 or a County Parks Ranger at (805) 781-4417. If it is not in progress either call County Parks at (805) 781-5930 or the FEMEF message phone (listed above).

The arm of the bay which the Elfin Forest adjoins is a State Fish and Game Preserve, and is a no-take zone. The Preserve stops at a line from about the west end of the State Park Marina south to the northwest point of Los Osos. If, at any time, you see anyone hunting or fishing in the Preserve, please call the Fish and Game statewide dispatch number (831) 649-2801. This number is probably the fastest way to get a warden on the scene of a hunting or fishing violation. Also, the local Fish and Game Regional Supervisor, Mark Crossland, can be reached at 550-2729. During hunting season, no hunter may enter this arm of the bay to drive game out of it.